Social Responsibility

  • Sourcing & Fabrication

    Steel is the most widely recycled material on the planet and it can be recycled indefinitely. From the beginning, we made a conscious decision to source and fabricate everything in the UK.  We have moved our main workshop to nearby us in the Cotswolds so there are as few road miles as possible involved in getting our products to your door.

  • Our Green & Pleasant Land

    Our local NFU gives us up to 50 ‘whips’ every year. We plant these first in our paddock and grow them on until we can replant little copses of maple, beech, oak and poplar around our land. In addition, we have added hundreds of yards of native hedging to give food and shelter to birds and small animals. A local farmer’s ewes in lamb graze in our organic pasture.

  • Packaging and Deliveries

    We deliver as many orders as possible ourselves to eliminate the need for any packaging. When we do ship items, we use tubes sourced from recycled paper coreboard; or boxes that can be reused and then recycled.

  • Giving

    We have donated £1000 worth of products to charity auctions for The Prince’s Trust & Horatio’s Garden. And a new AppleMac to our local - Kemble - Village School to help during lockdowns. The proceeds of all our sale items will benefit the National Garden Scheme. We donated £500 to the Cirencester Food Bank.