Collection: Edging Rings & Edging Strips

Pre-rolled into circles of any diameter, our Edging Rings retain mulch or gravel. They can be welded into a ring or left open to be positioned around established trees & shrubs.

Edging Strips are made to any length and height.

Lesley Ann's Tip

Newly planted trees and shrubs often die in the first year because of lack of water. Install an Edging Ring around each one and soak the area with water twice a week or daily in very hot weather. Grass is often the cause - when new trees & shrubs are first establishing, grass roots are at the same level and they are far more efficient at taking up water. They choke the tree.

So for at least 3 years after planting you need a 100cm circle completely free of grass. Use a mulch mat, and bark mulch on top. Be careful not to allow the mulch to touch the stem as it can cause rot. And water....

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