Edging Rings & Edging Strips

Pre-rolled into circles of any diameter, our Edging Rings retain mulch or gravel. They can be welded into a ring or left open to be positioned around established trees & shrubs. Edging Strips are made to any length and height.

Lesley Ann's Tip

Newly planted trees and shrubs often die in the first year because of lack of water. Install an Edging Ring around each one and soak the area with water twice a week or daily in very hot weather. Grass is often the cause - when new trees & shrubs are first establishing, grass roots are at the same level and they are far more efficient at taking up water. They choke the tree.

So for at least 3 years after planting you need a 100cm circle completely free of grass. Use a mulch mat, and bark mulch on top. Be careful not to allow the mulch to touch the stem as it can cause rot. And water....


How does lawn edging work?

Edging is used to define a boundary between grass, borders or paths. It provides a neat edge that can be mown up to or a clear definition between lawn or border and pathway. Edging can be made from almost any building material: bricks, tiles; slates or pebbles bedded into concrete but for ease and speed of installation, metal edging strips are the most easily available, cost effective and easy to install.

How do I keep my grass edges neat?

Keeping grass edges neat requires the same tools as installing lawn edging. Redefine the edges of the lawn with a half-moon edging tool; use a plank for straight lines and a hose to define curves or circles.

How do I install lawn edging strips?

Make a neat edge to the border or lawn using a half-moon edging tool to a depth of 10cms. The edging strips can be installed by hand and secured with discreet metals pegs. The strips come in 200cm lengths which makes them easy to handle and they can be bent by hand to create curves.

How do I use garden plant rings?

Garden plant rings are simple rings made of the same steel as the edging strips and curved into either a welded ring (which can be used directly on the ground to make a specimen bed) or an open ring (ideal for making a bed around an established tree). We use them in our orchard, around our fruit trees to keep them free of weeds and well-watered. They are underplanted with bulbs which flower just before the blossom comes out – a perfect pairing.

What material is the edging made of?

Both the edging strips and the garden plant rings are made of 3mm thick metal strips or, for more heavy duty, 5mm metal strips and the strips are either 10cm or 15cm high. They come in standard 200cm lengths which can be bolted together and secured into the ground with steel pegs making them quick and easy to install and a practical solution to defining a border, lawn or pathway.

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