Collection: Fruit & Vegetable Supports

Our stepover supports come in four sizes and two standard lengths. Train step-over apples or espaliers or keep broad beans and peas upright. Hold back your asparagus or restrain flopping raspberry canes!

Use our bough stakes for laden fruit boughs and treat yourself to a vegetable or fruit cage.


We fabricate fruit & vegetable supports in two standard lengths, 200 & 120cm, with one, two or three horizontal bars H 60-150cm.


Train step-over apples or espaliers very simply by tying the top side shoots along the pole to a length of about 1m each side.


Hold up your asparagus! Use these supports round the asparagus bed or between the rows of plants.

Broad Bean

Keep broad beans and peas upright. Plant beans in October between 2 rows of Broad Bean Supports; they will keep the plants upright as they grow; add twiggy stems between the rows for extra support.


These taller supports are designed for holding up raspberries or cultivated blackberries. Brilliant in fruit cages to restrain flopping raspberry canes.

Vegetable Cages

Our vegetable cages are made to measure so that they fit exactly over your raised beds. Cover with netting of your choice. Each cage is made to order.

Lesley Ann's Tip

“Get your broad beans planted in October or November, while the soil is still warm. A hardy variety such as ‘Aquadulce’ is ideal. They will stand through the winter and give you an early crop, with the plants less susceptible to chocolate spot. Don’t forget to pop on broad bean supports when planting.”

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