Hoops & Semicircular Supports

Hold back plants that flop onto lawns and paths. Use large cloche hoops on vegetable beds and semicircular supports to restrain more vigorous borders.

Lesley Ann's Tip

“Use one or several of our 12mm cloche & border hoops to restrain even the most determined herbaceous thugs. They are also perfect for creating tunnel cloches”


What materials are used to make the semi-circular plant supports?

Standard semi-circular plant supports are made from 12mm Ø steel rod; 8mm semi-circular supports are also available for smaller plants

Can these metal supports be used for all types of plants?

12mm solid metal supports are ideal for larger, heavier shrubs and plants, such as phlox or small roses, that require additional support; 8mm supports are suitable for holding back plants that flop, such as alstreomeria.

Are the metal plant supports weather-resistant?

Yes, the plant supports are made from 12mm or 8mm solid metal and are guaranteed for life; they are designed to withstand all weather conditions and are long-lasting.

How far apart should metal garden hoops be placed?

We recommend that you use 3 hoops for every meter, overlapping them slightly and pushing them about 10cm into the ground.

How do you secure garden hoops?

Garden hoops have 2 straight legs that are simply pushed into the ground 10-15cms. Use them individually or use multiple hoops to make a line along the edge of a border.

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