Collection: Peony (Herbaceous) Supports

Our signature supports. These two ring ‘baskets’ support peonies and other herbaceous plants otherwise vulnerable when exposed to harsh weather.

Peony Supports (12mm)

Traditional peonies are happy in our regular, small and fat supports. More robust varieties such as Duchesse de Nemours or Bowl of Beauty may appreciate the extra height of Tall or Jester supports

Peony Supports (8mm)

These slender supports are ideal for the smaller cottage garden or where space - and budget - are foremost

Lesley Ann's Tip

“Remember when planting a peony to set it no lower than the previous level of soil in which it has grown. Well-prepared soil is essential, enriched with compost and manure. Feed the plants monthly in the growing season. Avoid mulch and wood chips around the peony base so as not to smother them.”

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