Collection: Rose Umbrellas

Our umbrellas elegantly support modern, shrub & weeping standard rose or wisterias and prevent their heavy heads of flowers from breaking.

Lesley Ann's Tip

“Installing a rose/wisteria umbrella is easy. Standard rose stems are usually 90-100cm with the actual 'bush' growing on top of that stem. So our 150cm stake can be hammered a good 40cm into the ground. This is sufficient, on firm ground, not to need postcreting.
“If the ground comprises new topsoil or has been freshly dug, or if the location is particularly windy, postcreting is advised.
“Position the support so that the umbrella is as close as possible to the break at the top of the rose or wisteria. New growth comes up through the spokes of the umbrella and is tied horizontally to encourage more flowers.”

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