Garden Stakes

Chunky stakes, slender stakes, multi-ball stakes, wraparound stakes and stakes to support fruit boughs. Buy three sets and pay for two (added at checkout).

Lesley Ann's Tip

“Stakes are the essential plant supports for any garden. I always use these as markers for clumps of bulbs, agapanthus and dahlias which disappear in the winter and are all too easy to forget when the spade comes out in spring.”


How long should a garden stake be?

Our metal garden stakes are fabricated in a variety of lengths designed for a variety of different uses. I use the shortest (90cms) to mark perennials, particularly those like agapanthus that die down in winter, or where I have planted clumps of bulbs. Taller stakes (from 120cm to 200 cm) are used singly or in groups of 3 or 5 to support individual flower heads (delphiniums) or clumps (phlox or dahlias). Remember to hammer the stakes in well – at least 20-30cm so that they are stable enough to support the plant.

What can I use instead of garden stakes?

Twiggy branches or straight stems were traditionally used to support plants but they are often difficult to get into the ground and will rot eventually. Our ball-topped metal stakes can be hammered into the ground to give the plants secure support.

How do you drive a stake straight into the ground?

Traditional wooden stakes were sharpened to a point and pushed into the ground. Our metal garden stakes are topped with a 40mm solid steel ball which is both a safety feature and gives them architectural appeal. They can be hammered into the ground to a depth of 20-30cms using a rubber mallet. Our chunky 12mm stakes will not bend however stoney the soil; our 8mm stakes are suitable for smaller gardens or more delicate plants.

What is an alternative to bamboo canes?

Our metal garden stakes come with a solid 40mm ball and are a strong and elegant alternative to bamboo canes. They come in a variety of lengths from 90cms-200cms and there is a suitable one for every plant.

How can I make my garden borders look good?

Metal garden stakes are the permanent answer to flopping plants. Use them singly to support individual flower heads or in groups of 3 or 5 to surround a clump (you can then weave a cats’ cradle of string around and between the stakes to keep the clump upright). They can be left in overwinter and their solid ball-top makes them architectural as well as practical.

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