Tree Guards

Our classic steel tree guards are made in two fully welded pieces out of 16mm round bar topped with a 50mm ball. 

Lesley Ann's Tip

Newly planted trees often die in the first year because of lack of water. Install a Tree Guard around each one and soak the area with water twice a week or daily in very hot weather. Grass is often the cause - when new trees are first establishing, grass roots are at the same level and they are far more efficient at taking up water. They choke the tree.

So for at least 3 years after planting keep the area inside tree guard completely free of grass. Use a mulch mat, and bark mulch on top. Be careful not to allow the mulch to touch the stem as it can cause rot. And water....


What is the purpose of a tree guard?

Most trees die in their first year of planting from either lack of water or damage caused by animals and equipment. Animals, such as deer and rabbits, will ring-bark the tree (eating a ring of bark from the whole circumference of the tree) which causes either dieback or death. Using a combination of biodegradable protection for whips and metal tree guards for mature trees can protect your trees for life.

What are tree guards made of?

Very young trees, or ‘whips’, are normally supplied with tree guards to offer them protection so that they can establish themselves. Traditionally, these were spirals of plastic that went round the whip. However, because of the problems caused by plastics, biodegradable tree guards are widely available and far preferable to plastic. As the tree matures, these guards will either biodegrade or should be removed and replaced with a more permanent, metal tree guard.

How long should you leave tree guards on for?

Biodegradable guards should be left on for the first 5-10 years of the tree’s growth but do remember that the danger is not yet over; animals and machinery can still kill a tree. A metal tree guard will protect the tree for life and will also help to define the clear area (mulched and weed-free) that should be left around the base of a tree to ensure that water and nutrients can reach the roots (we recommend planting trees with a root watering kit so that they can be watered effectively in dry spells).

How tall should a tree guard be?

For young trees, the guard should be 30-50cms high. For mature trees, the aim is to keep browsing animals, particularly sheep and deer, at bay and that means 1.50-1.8m with vertical stakes close enough to prevent animals sticking their heads through.

Can you put a tree guard on a mature tree?

Our sturdy, metals tree guards are made in two welded semi-circular pieces that are fastened with bolts at the top, middle and bottom on each side so that they are secured around the tree. They have four legs which are pushed into the ground to give them stability. They are both architectural and practical.

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