Collection: Trellises & Espaliers

Made to measure to any length, any height, with any number of poles so they fit your garden space perfectly. Wall or ground-mounted.


We fabricate open & closed trellises in standard 200cm x 200cm sizes or to your precise dimensions with any number of horizontal and vertical rungs.

Open & Closed Trellises

Either wall or ground mounted we weld them as a large permanent grid.

Fan Trellis

We make fan trellises for a smaller areas. These elegant supports can either be wall-mounted, or free-standing with box posts, postcreted into the ground.

Clematis Wall Support

These elegantly contain climbing clematis or honeysuckle; position them singly or in pairs either side of a doorway or window.

Espalier Trellis

Instead of a fence or a hedge, create a beautiful, free-standing screen with our made-to-measure espalier trellises. Elegantly curved, the panels simply bolt together to provide a framework on which your fruit trees will flourish.

Lesley Ann's Tip

“We use 10cm spacer brackets to allow plenty of air circulation between the wall and the trellis. Climbers can be planted either between the trellis and the wall or on the outside of the trellis and tied in. And for a free-standing trellis, we can supply steel posts that bolt behind the trellis, postcreted into the ground to keep the trellis from flexing.”

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